Marriott-Slaterville City has three landscaped parks. The city also has various nature and open space reserves to promote wildlife habitat and the natural environment.

Parks may be reserved for your activities April 15 to October 15. Reservation are divided into two blocks, the Morning Block from 8 AM to 2:30 PM, and the Afternoon Block from 3:30 PM to 10 PM. For reservation fees, contact the city office. Reservation must be made in person at the city office located at 1570 West 400 North. Call 801-627-1919 ext. 202 for any questions. The following parks are available for reservation:

Marriott Park Slaterville Park City Hall Park
1150 South 1200 West 250 North 2200 West 1570 West 400 North
Facilities: Facilities: Facilities:
Bowery/Restrooms Bowery/Restrooms Bowery/Restrooms
Kitchen Kitchen Playground
Playground Swing Set Municipal Gardens
Basketball Court Basketball Court  
Softball Field/Camping Baseball and Soccer Fields  


Marriott-Slaterville City is dedicated to serving its residents by providing use of local park facilities. In order to operate a secure and well-maintained facility, this policy is established.

Hours. Park hours are 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM weekdays, and 11:00 PM weekends. No trespassing after hours without a special reservation.

Reservations. For reservations call Marriott-Slaterville City at 801-627-1919. Fees apply for reservations, and special reservation available for certain uses.

Animals. No horses or other large animals. Dogs must be on a leash. Please remove and properly dispose pet waste.

No Alcohol. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are strictly prohibited.

No Camping. Camping is prohibited without a special reservation.

No Littering. Please put all litter and garbage in proper trash receptacles.

No Nuisances. No loud noises, loud music, nuisance activity, or disorderly conduct. Vandalism will be prosecuted.

No Smoking. The Weber-Morgan Health Department prohibits smoking at parks.

No Vehicles. No parking trailers or driving vehicles on the park, including OHV. Parking is allowed at Marriott Park only on the north side of the park lawn.

Restricted Activities. No skateboards, roller blades, skates, bikes, or scooters.

Restricted Items. No weapons, fireworks, explosives of any kind.

Restricted Sports. No golf, archery, hunting, paint ball, shooting, air powered toys, or similar sports.

Show Respect. Respect groups with reservations, public property, and all wildlife.

Video Surveillance. For your safety and the safety of public property, this park is under 24-hour video surveillance and patrolled by the Weber County Sheriff.

Violations. Violation of park rules may result in citation under MSMC §15.14.030.

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