The Community Services Department includes various positions or activities such as:
1.  Community Services Director.
2.  Public Works Director.
3.  City Planner.
4.  Parks and Recreation.
5.  Community Activities.
6.  Future Cemetery.

The Community Services Department has charge to:
1.  Recommend regulations for the effective and efficient operation of the department.
2.  Develop, create, oversee, and manage parks and recreation.
3.  Develop, create, oversee, and manage activities that foster the culture, history, and tradition.
4.  Preserve and foster open space and the cultural and historical values of the community.
5.  Oversee and manage open space areas and multi-use pathways.
6.  Implement community forestry programs.
7.  Implement community historical projects.
8.  Assist with senior and youth programs.
9. Create a future cemetery.
10. Coordinate and assist other departments, the administration, and city council.
11. Administer and maintain the transportation system, open space, trails, sewers, garbage and recycling, storm water control, flood mitigation, special districts, and city planning.


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