The Community Development Department has a variety of functions The Department includes the Community Director, City Engineer, Building Official, and City Surveyor. Some of these positions are contracted with another entity.

The Community Development Department:
1. Helps the administration, the council, and the planning commission.
2. Makes department regulations.
3. Administers and enforces codes adopted by the International Code Council.
4. Assists administration, the council, and the planning commission to:
    a. Facilitate development and goals.
    b. Coordinate with the city engineer.
    c. Seek development that mitigates increased congestion on streets and roads.
    d. Direct the details of the design, construction, alteration, occupancy, use, repair, and maintenance of buildings, structures, and certain equipment according to code.
    e. Protect the tax base of the city.
    f.  Direct assistants and employees of the department.
5. Issue applicable building permits, excavation permits, other permits, and conduct inspections.


Secondary Water Feasibility Plan

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