Marriott-Slaterville City is one of the few cities in Utah that operates under the "council-mayor" form of government. The powers of municipal government in Marriott-Slaterville City are vested in two separate, independent, and equal branches of municipal government consisting of the legislative branch composed of five city councilors, and the executive branch consisting of the mayor.

The mayor enforces the law and has the help of a city administrator (chief administrative officer) to execute policy adopted by the city council. The mayor oversees three city departments, namely: Administrative Services Department, Community Development Department, and Comunity Services Department.

The mayor also supervises executive and administrative officers provided for by statute or the municipal code, makes appointments, may veto ordinances and tax levies of the city council, and administers the budget. The term of office for the mayor is four years.

Scott Van Leeuwen, Mayor

Phone: 801-627-1919 Ext. 204

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