In Marriott-Slaterville, openness is the rule because local goverment is the people's business. As such, city council meetings and diliberations are open to the public as provided in state law. The city council follows rules of procedure and civility that govern meetings. Everyone is expected to act with civility.

Almost all records of the city are public as well, except those designated as protected or private under law. The city will provide a person with a copy of a record:
1. Upon written request, no special form is required.
2. If the person requesting the record has a right to inspect it.
3. The person identifies the record with reasonable specificity.
4. The person pays the record fees.
5. The record is not protected or private.
In handing records requests, the city is not required to:
1. Create a record.
2. Compile, format, manipulate, package, summarize, or tailor information.
3. Provide a record in a particular format, medium, or program not currently maintained by the city.
4. Fulfill requests if the request unreasonably duplicates prior records requests from that person.
5. Fill a request if the record requested is accessible in the identical physical form and content in a public publication or product.
6. Provide records of another agency.

The city provides its financial data to Transparent Utah at the following link:

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