The Administrative Services Department manages the day-to-day operation of Marriott-Slaterville City. There are a number of officials under the direction of the Administrative Services Department:
1.  City Administrator.
2.  City Attorney.
3.  City Treasurer.
4.  City Recorder.
5.  City Clerk.
6.  Senior Center Director.
7.  City Historian.
8.  Public Safety and CERT.
9.  Magistrate (Appeal Authority).

The Administrative Services Department:
1.  Has a City Administrator (Chief Administrative Officer).
2.  Manages day-to-day affairs of the city.
3.  Supervises the administration and enforcement of all laws and the municipal code.
4.  Executes policies affecting administration adopted by the council.
5.  Prepares the annual budget and audit.
6.  Manages personnel.
7.  Administers polices and procedures.
8.  Supervises other departments.
9.  Handles issuance of administrative rules and outline general administrative procedures.
10. Coordinates and prepares for council meetings.
11. Administers investigations, prosecution, and justice court.
12. Exercise general supervision over all public buildings, parks, and facilities.
13. Handles emergency management and CERT.
14. Administers contracts, agreements, and providers of public safety and law enforcement.
15. Directs activities relating to contracts for services.
16. Examine performance requirements for contracts to ensure completeness and accuracy.
17. Prepares bids, specifications, progress reports and other items that may be required in connection with contracts, or proposed contracts.
18. Review bids and proposals from other agencies for conformity to contract requirements and help determine acceptable bids and proposals.
19. Negotiate contracts and services.
20. Manage public relations.
21. Administer senior programs.

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