The Pioneer Special Service District was created to handle special services that are not available to the city as a whole. Areas with the special service district include newly developed subdivisions. The primary purpose of the special district is to provide pressurized secondary water service comparable to Pine View Water because such service is not otherwise available in Marriott-Slateville City. Most all of the funds collected by the special district are used for pressurized secondary water.

The special district also provides for some limited other services including: transportation services like extra snow removal, sidewalk maintence, street lighting expenses, open space and wetlands management, and some extra flood control measures.

The special district does not impose a property tax. The special district collects monthly user fees from residents and businesses in the district. The fees are collected on the water bill by Bona Vista Water Improvement District. The monthly user fee for a typical single-family reidental home is $40. Businesses and multi-family rates vary.

Rather than billing annually on your property tax notice as Pine View does, the Pioneer Special Service District bills users each month on their water bill. If you are being billed by the Pioneer Special Service District, it will appear under the line item "Enhanced Services" on your water bill.

The Pioneer Special Service District is operated by an Administrative Control Board that is subject to oversight by the mayor and city council. The Administrative Control Board consists of three appointed residents that live in the special district. The Administrative Control Board handles the irrigation turns during water season, helps operate the pressurized water system and facilities, and meets occasionally to handle the business of the special district.

Administrative Control Board:

Jason Calder

Bob Rowley

Shane Surrage

Contact: PSSD Manager, 801-627-1919 Ext. 203.

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